Global Temp ChangeDo you think that climate change is something to be concerned about?

Yes.  Even though scientists may disagree about the causes and extent of global climate change, it is difficult to deny that the planet’s climate is warming.  The trend in temperature rise is causing weather extremes and environmental changes locally, such as four feet of snow in Northern Minnesota in April and flooding beyond any prior recorded levels in Iowa, as well as around the globe, such as the ice mass loss on the Antarctic Peninsula, worldwide glacier retreat, rising ocean levels, and melting Arctic sea ice.

The fact that our global environment is changing should be a cause for concern worldwide for every individual who cares about what kind of world we leave behind for our children.

Are you going to change anything about your lifestyle?

  • I have reduced my use of fossil fuels by
    • Commuting by bicycle when possible
    • Decreasing lawnmower use by 70%
    • Maximizing gas mileage while maintaining safe driving practices
    • Turning the thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer
    • Minimizing electricity use in my home
  • I am refusing
    • To purchase environmentally costly plastic containered products, such as bottled water
    • The use of petroleum produced plastic grocery bags – green bags instead
    • The purchase of more “stuff” – time to downsize the toy category
    • Junk mail by using organizations that limit the ridiculous influx of unnecessary propaganda
    • To purchase domestic meat products – wild game instead
    • The use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides
  • I am reducing
    • The amount of paper products I use
    • The amount of unnecessary refuse in my waste water – even though I have a septic system
  • I am reusing
    • Water bottles
    • Paper products
    • Clothing
    • Ammunition
  • I am recycling even more conscientiously than previous to this course
  • I am planning
    • A greener property with native plant restoration
    • Research into renewable personal energy sources
    • To purchase more locally grown and organically grown produce
    • To purchase more environmentally friendly toiletries and cleaning products
    • To purchase more previously owned products – if purchase is necessary
    • Building a greener, more environmentally friendly home

The list can and will be longer, but this is a good start!

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