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While we were dodging a thunderhead and hammering the walleyes on Upper Red Lake on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, there were storms passing through the entire region.  Apparently, while we were on the lake 70 miles north, Bemidji had been hit with hail.  Then I received these photos from friends Aaron and Katie Guthrie, who were visiting family in Whipholt, Minnesota, on Huddles Bay in the southeast corner of Leech Lake.

When I sent Aaron a reply asking him if I could have his permission to post these incredible photos to my blog, I also made the comment that I was glad I wasn’t fishing Diamond Point (the point just to the right of the twister in the photos) that day.  The following was Aaron’s reply:


They are pretty cool huh?  All credit due to Katie Guthrie, the photographer, with me in the background saying “Are you getting this.”

The pictures were taken the Sunday of Memorial weekend, right around 3ish.  We were just sitting outside of Katie’s mom’s.   Storms had been blowing through all day, but none had come directly over us.  The clouds you see never went over us directly either, but seemed to swing in and converge with some other front from the northwest.

Anyway, Katie says, “Look at that cloud, it looks like its rotating.”  I’m like, “Yeah right.”   Then I stood up and walked towards it and said “Holy $#%@!  It is rotating.”   We, and about every other Whipholt resident, watched the whole thing from beginning to end.   And, Wayne, there was a boat on Daimond Point, they never moved position the entire time.  We were like, “Get the hell out of there!”  They had the best seats in the house!

You can put the pictures anywhere you want to.  Glad you enjoyed them!

Guthrie out!

Again, because of the number of photos in this post, it was not feasible to display them in a larger format within the post itself.  Click on the individual thumbnails to get a better look at these amazing photos.

Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-001Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-002Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-003Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-005Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-006Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-007Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-008Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-009Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-010Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-011Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-012Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-013Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-014Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-016Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-017Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-018Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-019Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-020Leech Lake Twister 5-25-08-021


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Some of my family and friends are visiting for the holiday weekend.  Saturday, between bear burgers on the grill and bocce ball this afternoon and cheddar and wild rice brats, pizza, and peach pies over the bonfire this evening, we headed down to Itasca State Park for a hike to see the sights.  We made all of the usual stops in the park during an afternoon visit and I snapped a few views from the Aiton Heights Fire Tower as well.

North from Aiton Heights Fire Tower

East from Aiton Heights Fire Tower

South from Aiton Heights Fire Tower

West from Aiton Heights Fire Tower

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So I have been away for a while preparing for the end of the semester crunch and finals, tending to family and friends, and working with my first Firearm Safety Training class of the year.  This is where I have been doing most of my blogging lately, over at the Hunter Education & Firearm Safety Training blog.

My personal outdoors activities have slowed to almost a halt, and it’s beginning to drive me a little nuts – the dog won’t even look me in the eye anymore.  Next weekend is the Minnesota fishing opener, and although in recent years I’ve chosen to leave opener to the rookies and one-timers, I’m chomping at the bit to get Pro-V – Year II under way.  It’s a good thing we still have ice on the lakes.  The late April snowstorm that closed out our total snow accumulation somewhere in the 5-6 feet range for April – just April – didn’t really dampen my spirits as I have had no time to do nothing else but dream of fishing.  Now, knee deep in finals, there will be no fishing until after turkey season, which gets under way, for me, the day after finals.

Even the scooter and the wheeler have been relegated to the doldrums of the garage.  Hell, the wheeler still has the plow attached – ready for that Memorial Day weekend blizzard!

But the snow has again mostly melted, and there are signs – albeit reluctant signs – of spring everywhere.  The urban deer have started to become more active and are now beginning to show up on the LPR Deer Cam.  They look a little ragged and strung out after another long winter, but don’t we all!

 Urban Deer

I have taken thousands of pictures of urban deer with the LPR Deer Cam over the years – a way of hunting from inside the city limits in one’s own backyard.  I will be sharing some of the new photos throughout the upcoming months as the backyard activity picks up.  This guy in the foreground of the picture above looks as though he is just starting this year’s antler growth.  Over the years, there have been some very nice photos – fawns only a few days old, foxes, the old club-footed doe – and some not so nice – neighbors chasing their dogs for instance!  But, the most amazing photos the LPR Deer Cam has ever taken were not the most brilliant pictures ever made, but the subject was jaw-dropping.

In 2004, the brute pictured below was part of a four-buck urban deer gang that ruled South Bemidji.  They roamed day or night, backyards – and front!  This guy even challenged me in my own driveway as he indulged on acorns when I arrived home from work one night.  Believe it or not, he was not the biggest one of the bunch.  There was a perfectly symmetrical and wider 12-pointer who was slightly larger in body mass and also ran with this group of thugs.  However I never managed to get him on film.  Which one was the leader?  Who was the boss?  I’ll never know.  The pictures below were taken shortly before the last time I saw either of them, when I could count 19 points on this atypical monster.  He lives on in legend as the Liberty Pines Ranch Buck.

The Liberty Pines Ranch Buck

 LPR Buck


LPR Buck V

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Spring Watch

I took a little hike out in to the woods this afternoon to check the signs of spring and see if there were any shed antlers uncovered by the final snow melt.  No sheds were found this trip, but it was late in the season.  The deeper I traveled, the surer the signs became.

Spring in the Swamp

Spring in the Swamp

The Beaver Pond

Woodies on the Pond

Woodies on the Pond

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A New Path…

A New Path

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