2007 Minnesota Bear Hunt part II

September 14, 2007

Just a little update from last night’s hunt, I had moved the camera closer to the bait to try to get more frequent pictures of the bears.  When I first saw these pictures last night, I thought it was the smaller one of the two from the previous email.  But after looking at them again this morning, I think this might be a third bear.  It is definitely not as big as the big one, but now it looks like it’s bigger than the smaller bear.

Also, the camera was still using the incorrect time stamp there should be about 35-45 minutes tacked onto each picture.  Nice feeding schedule… all night long!

Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 001  Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 002  Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 003

Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 004  Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 005  Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 006

Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 007  Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 008  Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 009

Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 010  Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 011  Bear Hunt 9.12-13.07 012

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