Pictures of a North Dakota Duck Hunt

November 2, 2007

Here’s a few pictures from the second trip to North Dakota this year.  The cast of characters for the second trip included Spike, Roger, Tom, Corey and Sadie, Paul and Magic, Bill, Shep, Toby, and myself.  I wasn’t able to make the first trip this year, but the one trip was still able to satisfy that “shoot ’em in the face” urge.

The only picture I don’t have included is a picture of the six-point buck who broad-sided my truck the second morning on the way to the lake.  He came out of the pre-dawn darkness hell bent for destruction until he realized the window of opportunity for his urgent flight did not stand between the third and fourth vehicles in our convoy.  He and I both slammed the brakes sending him into a skid in the oncoming lane, which he pulled out of just in time to kamikaze the Silverado.  We traded some hardware, he got my left, rear fender flare, mud-flap, and some paint, and left me with a few small dents, a loose running board, and one antler – he is now a three pointer!  After the shock of it all, we both walked away, I have video of it to prove it!  It was a good thing I was the last truck in the convoy to the lake that morning, or the person behind me would have had a full grill (truck, not barbecue) of deranged whitetail!

Bufflehead Still Life  Canvasback!  Corey and Sadie

ND Duck Hunt 10.27-29.07 001  ND Duck Hunt 10.27-29.07 002  ND Duck Hunt 10.27-29.07 003

Paul and Magic  Roger  Spike

Tom  Tom, Bill and Smitty’s Swan  Wrong Way!

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