Second Site is Here…

Again I must apoligize for a hiatus in posts.  I’ve been spending time on my second site, the Hunter Education & Firearm Safety Training blog, building a foundation for the site which I plan on using as a tool for my firearm safety training classes.  So if you haven’t found the link in the previous post or on the “Where I’m At” blogroll, you can find it by clicking on the link above.

At the current time the site utilizes a static page that details the courses offered this year and information about them.  There are several pages to highlight some of the different aspects of the course.  Posts in regards to the assignments given during the course will show up under the “Homework and Other Useful Stuff” categories.  Like the LPRB, the new site offers an extensive blogroll under “Hunting, Shooting, Conservation and Preservation.”  The links offer connections to sites the novice hunter and shooter can explore to fuel their appetite for our hunting and shooting heritage.

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