In Search Of….

So I was working into the wee hours the last couple nights trying to do something about my lack of satisfaction with my Newsgator RSS feeds.  I was able to find some great sites by outdoor writers and for outdoor writers, some of which I’ve linked to in the “While You’re On Your Way” blogroll to the lower right.  Some of the outstanding blogs by outdoor writers include:

There’s more down there.  I didn’t want to list them all here as that seems a little repetitive, but I did want to give you anti-scrollers something to salivate over.  The ones above are some of my favorites of the favorites.

I also came across some fantastic resources for outdoor news and outdoor writers:

Like I said, I found these just trying to improve the focus of my RSS feeds in order to accumulate news and perspective from various aspects of the outdoors community, but my research has also provided valuable information for another project I’m working on – a writing on the web presentation for my Freelance Writing class.

Check ’em out – should be some happy hunting!

One thought on “In Search Of….

  1. gunslingergirl

    Thank you for mentioning the Outdoor Bloggers Summit and linking to us. I’ll be adding your blog to our blogroll as well.

    I’m sure you’ll be seeing me much more often. I tend to visit our Supporting Members as often as I can.

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