BTSCI’m really looking forward to tomorrow night.  Not just because it’s the night of my first Firearm Safety class of the year, but because of the new venue.  Classroom sessions will be held at the Bemidji Trap & Skeet Club (BTSC) clubhouse this year.

The BTSC clubhouse is a fantastic sight for the course because of how the facility was designed.  It was designed to be a classroom.  The clubhouse is roomy enough to hold 30 students – and any parents who wish to sit through the course – comfortably.  Not to mention, we will actually be at a shooting club for the class instead of a BTSC Clubhousecrowded retail store.

We will have the entire club to ourselves every Monday and Thursday night, so there will be no interruptions.  I have never had the luxury of teaching a class without outside interruptions of some kind; this is going to be great!  Plus, the first class is completely full and the second class is close to being half full already

I spent part of Friday night and tonight setting up and preparing for class.  Tomorrow night starts a new era for me with the new classroom and the unveiling of the newBTSC Clubhouse Classroom website for the students.  Anticipation!

For more information on the classes or if you just want to check out the new website, you can find it by clicking on Hunter Education & Firearm Safety Training.

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