A Mother’s Day Revenge?

Not completely.

The pictures of Lake Bemidji below were taken yesterday, the day before the traditional Minnesota fishing opener at 12:00AM Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend.  Many of the larger lakes in the northern third of the state were still holding ice – a lot of it – thanks to Old Man Winter’s unrelenting grasp this year.  Opening day brought 33 degree temperatures, rain, and snow in the Bemidji area.

A survey of the Lake Bemidji access parking lots this morning found only a few lonely, boatless trailers.  The north end of the lake was open and the connecting Lake Irving to the south was open as well, but for the most part this year’s opener was about ten days too early for many of the big lakes.  The cold water temperatures has also delayed spawning which will definitely affect fishing success as well.

A little farther to the south, the Minnesota Governor’s fishing opener at Pelican Lake saw Gov. Tim Pawlenty boat just one 17″ walleye.  He was bested by Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau who put a 19″ eye in the boat, MN Sen. Mary Olson, Bemidji, with a 19.5″ walleye, and Pawlenty also lost his bet with U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, MN,  who set the hook on a 21″ eye.

Mom’s Day is forecasted to bring clear skies and 57 degrees of sunshine.  Sorry moms, they might be gone fishin’ after all.

Lake Bemidji 5.9.08-1

Lake Memidji 5.9.08-2

Lake Bemidji 5.9.08-3

Lake Bemidji 5.9.08-4

Lake Bemidji 5.9.08-5

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