Another Icy Opener Report

Walker Bay

I received this picture from a friend who was trying to fish Leech Lake on opening weekend.  This picture was taken on Mother’s Day, Sunday, and is of Walker Bay, the smaller and deeper side of legendary Leech Lake.  They were fishing in Shingobee Bay, which was open.

She also told me that apparently there were some anglers that had put in at Erickson’s Landing, near Kabekona Bay and north of Walker, on the Northwest side of the lake, and while they were out fishing the ice flow shifted and blocked the landing.  Supposedly they were able to negotiate to another landing and retrieve their vehicles and trailers from there, but it sounds like there was some scratch and dent, and gnarling of props….

I also spoke with another friend who owns a cabin at Huddle’s Resort on the Southeast side of Leech Lake, who told me he spent the weekend working on his boat because the entire south side of the main lake out to the north end of Pelican Island was still iced over.

Most of the fishermen I know from the Whipholt area skipped fishing on opening weekend, but a few did go around the ice flows to the north end of Bear Island, Sugar, and Battle Points where the cool waters left the walleyes a little sluggish and uncooperative.

The ice did finally go out from area lakes this week and the summer fishing season can begin in earnest.  I observed a dozen boats and pier fishermen on Lake Bemidji this afternoon between finals.  I didn’t see any fish caught during my brief observations today, but we’ll be an active participant this weekend instead of a casual observer.  Then we’ll have hard facts to report!

3 thoughts on “Another Icy Opener Report

  1. That looks like some cold fishing!

    Your blog has been chosen for the weekly OBS Bloggers Spotlight column, you should have an email from me with a few questions I’d like you to answer.


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